Thursday, August 12, 2010

Letter from Elder Sky

I have been in Iowa for a month and a half now. Everything has been pretty sweet. The members feed us so much and their food is always amazing! Hopefully I don't gain too much weight. Ha ha. About 2 weeks ago I was able to go to Nauvoo again with a recent convert. We got to be there all day and see everything! Nauvoo is such an awesome place, and the people who lived there back in the day were amazing people. We got to see the Nauvoo Pageant and wow it was sweeeet! The story of Joseph Smith is unreal. He was such an amazing man. If anyone has the chance next summer to see it, I would recommend seeing it. While I was there I saw a friend from Provo, Laura Sudweeks!! Her family was in the show. Anyway, Iowa is the place to be! Lots of corn an tractors... and corn...and no mountains anywhere! Hah. Missionary work is a lot of fun, we run into so many different people. We have been teaching a lot of great people, but most haven't quite been ready yet. It is tough finding people who are ready.. But about a week ago we taught a woman whose son is a member and went on a mission to Salt Lake! Wooo. Anyway she just started coming to church 4 weeks ago and loves it! The first lesson we taught her we committed her to baptism, and set a goal for Aug 28th. She said if she gets an answer by then she will be baptised, so that is our main focus right now. She is a great lady and really wants to know if the things we teach her are true.
Spanish work is still hard to find. I have taught 2 Spanish lessons since I have been here, and I had to teach both by myself because I was on exchanges with and English Missionary! ROUGH! My Spanish is coming along but very slowly... I try to speak it as much as I can but it is tough. Hopefully we will find more people to teach.
Welp, that's a little bit of what has been going on with me. :) I miss you all, and hope you're all doing grrreat!!

The Keele family one of the coolest families in the ward.