Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 18, 2011

Hello everyone! Sorry it has been just over 4 years since I last wrote. hahah it gets pretty busy out here and i get no time to do anything except missionary work. which is fine because i am lovin it!!! anyway let me give you a little update action. so my second transfer in Ottumwa i got called to be a trainer! His name is Elder Hansen, awesome kid from Idaho let me tell ya. That transfer went way sweet and we were able to see another baptism here. :) Her name is Kathy Mcallister, she is such an awesome woman. We had the baptism new years eve! so afterward we went and partied and had a few drinks and what not... haha not really but it was a sweet day in the neighborhood! Also Christmas has passed, and that was another great day, I was able to skype my family and say hello to them. pretty cool stuff. Its pretty crazy that I have been out for 9 months now, time is just cruisin by! since i have been in Ottumwa we have been able to find quite a few Spanish people to teach, which is sauce because I am getting better at Spanish! I have had way more opportunities to speak it since I have been in this area. My first area I maybe tought 4 Spanish lesson the whole three transfers there... pretty poopy. But here I am able to have about 6 spanish lessons a week, oh ya mhmmm!! And every Thursday we go to help English missionaries in there area to teach all the Spanish people there, so my espanol is coming along. So at the end of last transfer Elder Hansen got his visa to head off to Brazil, pretty crazy. And i got called to be trainer once again, this one is Elder Martell or Mart the fart... hahah He is sweet and we have some good laughs, funny kid. I pulled a good prank on him his first day here, and told him we were going tracting in a surrounding area, but really we were going to another missionaries apartment. :) So when we knocked on the door Elder Gordet answered in some casual clothes (looking pretty trashy) and just starting going off on us for like 15 minutes about all sorts of weird things that we get day to day. haha Martell was about to poop his pants! haha so things are going awesome right now, i am loving it out here. lately appointments have been falling through, but that is how things go sometimes. But.. on Sunday a random former investigator showed up at church and said he wants to start coming back to church and start having us come by his house again. :) lucky us. He used to have a baptismal date and was taught the lessons a couple times, but his girlfriend was always holding him back because she is a huge catholic. but we will see what happens. so this is mostly what has been going on for me. :) Iowa is sweet but freezing cold right now. BLAH. the other night we had freezing rain (didn't even know what that was till the other day) and when we went outside there was a nice layer of ice covering our whole truck, and the roads too! pretty sweet, but pretty dangerous business. Well I love everyone and hope you are all doing marvellous! my mission is going swell, and thank all of you for things letters and things you send. :) I know the gospel is true and that it is something we all need in our lives to be happy. God answers prayers and He is always waiting to help us, we just have to ask. LOVE!!! - Eebs