Monday, September 26, 2011

Iowa City, Iowa

Hey Hey peoples! Man I haven’t done a blog for almost 5 months! hahah oops. well I guess a little update, I was in Perry for 4 and a half months... it was the sweetest little town! I trained Elder Rodriguez there my last two transfers, it was pretty prime! He and I worked really well together, and man did we have fun. He is from Chandler Arizona. We did some work in Perry, and we were able to see Manuel be baptized! He is someone Elder Hernandez and I found the first transfer I was there, and we taught him the whole time I was there! I guess I didn’t really get to see the baptism because I left 5 days too soon! Ha-ha but it happened is what counts and he is the sweetest guy ever. So it has been 5 weeks since I got transferred, and now I am serving in Iowa City, Iowa as a zone leader. It is a huge change! Ha-ha probably 30 times bigger than Perry. Lots and lots more people. The area became a Spanish area about 8 months ago, and Elder Rojas and I white washed in as zone leaders. It was pretty intense at first... we have two wards to cover, and lots of people to know. We are at church from 730 am to 3 pm every Sunday! Ha-ha good stuff. Our wards are way sweet though and all the Hispanics are the bombski!! The area has been on fire and we are always having appointments, it is soooo nice. I really just think it is because there have never been Spanish speaking missionaries here until 8 months ago so none of the Hispanics have ever been able to learn in their native tongue! hah Right when we got here we found a guy named Isaac, who is 48 yrs old and when he was 17 he was going to be baptized in LA, but the week before his baptism he had to go back to Mexico and never got baptized! We started teaching him and he was sooo solid and doing great. We set a baptismal date and were teaching him 2 times a day almost every day! Ha-ha but then... a week before his baptism, he disappeared! Ha I know what you are thinking; "is this a joke?" ha-ha nope not a joke, pretty messed up. BUT on a good note the day before he vanished we started teaching a little 9 year old kid name Jader, man let me tell you, this kid is a stud! A way smart kid. He just moved here from Honduras about 20 days ago, his dad is a less active member and wanted him to be baptized. His baptism is this Saturday! We had 3 other investigators at church yesterday and there is a lot of potential in all of them. Sooo that’s where I am right now, things are going awesome! Except it is starting to cool down here and I don’t want winter to hit AT ALL!! Lame sauce. Anyway I love you all and I hopefully I can get a little bit better at writing on here for my last 7 months! Love love love!  - Elder Evans