Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Perry, Iowa

It's been a while since I wrote, sorry to all! I finally got transfered to a new town after a long 6 months in Ottumwa, Iowa! It was awesome there and I saw a lot of good success there, but it was time for a change. A big change. I got transfered to Perry, Iowa. I left a town of about 30,000 people to a town of about 6000 people!! And close to 50% speak Spanish. It is like a little Mexico. My new companion is Elder Hernandez, he is so hilarious! He is 27 years old and is from Vera Cruz, Mexico. It has been awesome here so far. The Branch is way sweet! A lot are Hispanic and only speak Spanish, so it is giving me a chance to learn a lot more Spanish. We were able to have a baptism last Saturday as well, it was fabulous! He is 25 years old and his name is Eduardo, and awesome guy.
The last 4 weeks it has been pretty tough finding people who are willing to listen. Every one is very humble here though and very nice. Sometimes it seems repetitive, but every day something good happens, no matter how big or small. Usually we are tracting or walking aroung town for about 4 hours every day. Pretty good stuff, at least I will stay fit. Also on Mondays we are going to start playing soccor with Eduardo and his friends.
Well I will try to write a little more often. Bye Bye