Friday, October 22, 2010

August 24 2010 Stories

1st story: We were tracting and ran into an older guy in is 80's out mowing his lawn.We started asking him about his beliefs and he said he stopped believing in God about 20 yrs ago. We talked to him about Juesus Christ and the message we share and all of a sudden he started to go off on how Jesus wasn't resurrected and how he passed out on the cross when he saw all the blood. Hah and then he said when they took him to the tomb he just woke up and became cautious again! Such a crazy guy! Then we told him about Joseph Smith and the 1st vision. He told us it wasn't Heavenly Father and Jesus that appeared to him. He said the pillar of light was from a flying saucer, and that aliens were coming to try and take Joseph away! Haha. He says that aliens put us here on the earth! What a funny guy.
2nd story:We met a guy named Tom. He is a former investigator. We taught him a 1st lesson about the restoration of the Gospel. A little background on the guy. He is in his 40's or 50's, and he is writing a book about "life". Not only the scientific part, but how we are all spriritually connected. He believes that there is a God, but that wveryone can think of him how they want and what works best for them. We talked to him about Prophets and he believes that God works through people, but not just one Prophet. As we were teaching him I could really feel the spirit there. I felt that we were testifying and telling him what he needed to hear. It was such a great felling to know we were teaching with the spirit and that God was working through us. As we were teaching him, inspiration came to me to tell Tom something and right as I was about to say it, my companion said the exact same words that had come to me. It was so awesome to see how the spirit prompted both of us and dpt us on the same page. The Spirit really helped us to be unified and teach together. Tom didn't want to pray with us or read about our message, but he told us that he knew that God had sent us and he could tell that we were sharing things from the heart. Its times like these that make a Mission so awesome, and know that Heavenly Father is working through us. We just planted a seed for the future.
Love you all

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