Monday, March 28, 2011

March 14th 2011

So this last week we had a zone conference, it was really goood. Most meetings like that always get me motivated and I set some new goals! goals are sweet. hah oh ya i hit 11 months today! pretty crazy huh? Time is going by fast for me, I dont know about how it is for you guys. sorry if it isnt. Ha also this last friday i got the flu. :( pretty bad, but the good thing was is that I did everything our presidents wife said, and the next day it was gone! But it was so bad, throwin up, fever, throat... oh and the last person I baptised, Kathy MCallister, she is such a good member. Just got a calling to be a relief society teacher. Any way i called her when I was sick because I had the feeling she would know what to do, and she brought over these pill things that helped too! haha it was so funnny, she is awesome. But I am all better now. My voice is a little gone but all is well. Hopefully this week we can find some new people to teach! Last week we had a good experience.. We taught a woman about a month ago or longer that lives in our area but like 20 minutes away, we had tried to see her again since but it didnt work out and we thought she wasnt interested. but this last week we got a referral that was out by her house.. the referral wasnt home so we went to the ladies house. She was there and we had a great lesson with her, invited her to be baptised and things went awesome. After we knelt down and prayed at the end, she got up and told us that, that morning she prayed that we would come to her house that day! Pretty awesome. I think that is where I got the flu... and she is still sick with it, but when she feels better we are gonna go back out there. But things are great, the experieces are so worth every second of the decision I made to come out here. I love you dad, I hope you have a great week!!

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